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Motorcycle Accidents

Image by Stephen Kidd

Our firm takes great pride in representing injured motorcyclists. Both of our name partners have over 40 years experience riding various kinds of motorcycles. We have represented many injured riders. When necessary, we have gone to great lengths to reconstruct how an accident happened. In one case, we located the same exact model van and motorcycle involved in the accident and produced a video re-enactment to prove that the van driver entered the motorcyclist’s lane and struck the motorcycle’s rear tire. Representing motorcycle riders who have been in accidents requires extra care because the general public is prejudiced  against motorcyclists. Potential jurors do not understand that most motorcycle riders are normal people who just like motorcycles. Many potential jurors think that all motorcyclists are irresponsible riders who take unnecessary risks. The law does not treat motorcycle riders fairly. For example, motorcyclists are usually not entitled to “No Fault” medical benefits. This means that if you are injured in a motorcycle accident and you do not have medical insurance through your job or paid for on your own, you can have great difficulty paying for necessary medical care.

Unfortunately motorcycle accident injuries can be catastrophic. We have the expertise and resources to consult with life care planners, economists and actuaries to obtain meaningful compensation based on the injuries you sustained in the crash.

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