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Brain Injuries

Brain Scans

Brain injuries can be caused by a blow to the head, a penetrating wound such as a gunshot, a chemical or drug, or a metabolic cause or illness. We have represented clients that had brain injuries from all of these causes. The cause of the brain injury determines what kind of lawsuit that we bring on behalf of our injured client.  For example, any non-penetrating strike or blow to the head can cause a brain injury, often referred to as Traumatic Brain Injury, TBI or closed head injury.  Many times, these closed head injuries result from motor vehicle accidents, construction accidents, even what some people refer to as a simple trip and fall accident where the client has hit their head. Other examples are medical malpractice events such as the failure to provide adequate oxygenation during general anesthesia or the administration of incorrect medications or incorrect dosages of medications leading to significant brain injuries. When the victim of an accident or medical malpractice suffers a brain injury, they often cannot work and require extremely expensive life long care. In most such case, a successful lawsuit is the only way to obtain the money to replace lost income and to pay for necessary care.

Our firm is experienced in representing accident and malpractice victims who have suffered brain damage. We have the resources to conduct the necessary investigation of the claim, to obtain accident reconstructions and we have relationships with scientists, doctors and engineers who can help us bring a successful lawsuit on your behalf. One of our senior partners, Steven M. Weiner, M.D, Esq., is both a lawyer and a physician. With Mr. Weiner’s expertise we can quickly and efficiently determine the causal connection between the underlying event and the resultant brain injuries. Our firm has experience working with economists and actuaries to determine the extent of the economic loss caused by a brain injury. For example, we can calculate a brain damaged client’s future economic loss consisting not only of lost wages adjusted for inflation and other factors, but also the lost value of that person’s contribution to household services, which is often very significant. We can also assemble a life care plan and calculate the recovery necessary to pay for the plan.

Our firm has successfully handled many cases for brain damaged clients with recoveries in the millions of dollars. Please call us at 718-522-1743 for a free consultation so that we can put our experience to work for you.

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