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Construction Accidents

Image by Christopher Burns

Our office is proud to represent workers in many trades who have been injured on the job. We are experienced with cases involving scaffold accidents, ladders, missing safety railings, missing shaft-way covers, improper shoring at excavation sites, slip, trips and falls at construction sites, and other dangerous conditions. Our clients have suffered injuries ranging from broken bones to death. Our partner, Marc Reibman, worked in the construction industry before he became a lawyer. Because of his experience, he is familiar with the terminology used by the various trades and he knows better than most lawyers what does and does not constitute a safe work site. Marc Reibman’s experience is invaluable in investigating accidents and in knowing the key questions to ask witnesses.

Construction work is extremely dangerous. Both the Federal Government and the State of New York have special laws that contain detailed safety standards intended to protect construction workers. Unfortunately, employers often cut corners and ignore safety standards in order to save money. The result is that workers sometimes suffer serious injuries. As a result, the men and woman who build our great city structures or who are simply performing a house or apartment renovation may be seriously injured. We can help you or your loved one when this happens.  We are proud to have represented many labor union members injured on the job.

If you are not sure you have a case you should call us at 718-522-1743 for a free consultation. Even if you do not have a green card, a social security number, or are not sure of your immigration status —we can help. All communications are confidential.

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