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Police Brutality

Image by Michael Descharles

In this country, nothing is more important than your life and liberty. If you have been wrongfully arrested or have been the victim of police brutality your civil rights have been violated. The United States Constitution protects you from being arrested without probable cause. The United States Constitution also states that you have the right to be treated fairly by the police and by prison personnel. This means that you cannot be beaten or otherwise treated with brutality.

Our office has successfully represented numerous clients who have had their civil rights violated by being falsely arrested, shot and beaten by the police, and brutalized by prison guards. We have had cases involving the same New York City Police Officer who brutalized Abner Louima and a complex case involving a large scale prison guard conspiracy in the Nassau County Correctional facility.

If you have been the victim of a false arrest, or police or prison brutality please call our office at 718-522-1743 as soon as possible.


If you believe that you have been wrongfully arrested, do not take a plea until you have consulted with our office. Often times taking a plea, even an "ACD" will substantially weaken your case.

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