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Cerebral Palsy

Sometimes when doctors do not use proper care children are born with birth injuries. Birth injuries are often diagnosed as cerebral palsy (CP) or Erb’s palsy. The symptoms of birth injuries include mental retardation, delayed development and weakness of the arms and legs. A child who has suffered a birth injury usually requires complex, expensive care for his or her entire life. Usually a medical malpractice lawsuit is the only practical way to obtain the funds for proper care. Our firm is experienced in representing children who have suffered birth injuries. One of our senior partners, Steven M. Weiner, M.D., Esq., is both a lawyer and a physician. With Mr. Weiner’s expertise we can quickly and efficiently review medical records and determine how to bring a lawsuit with the greatest success.

Our firm has successfully handled many medical malpractice cases with results in the millions of dollars. Please call us for a free consultation at 718-522-1743 so that we can bring put our experience to work for your child.

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